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What folks are saying

It really works, smells good too! the best bug spray I have found and best of all it is DEET free and made from nature. I moved to the mountains just over a year ago the herbal stuff from another source I was using last year did not work. Now I can go play in the woods without bugs bugging me! 

Julie B

Tried Oh! My Aching...Balm for the first time. Wonderful subtle fragrance. Worked for my kinked neck and my battered (raw chilly Illinois Spring weather) sinuses. Really love it! I trust this company's knowledge and skills. Thanks again Small Batch Garden!

Suzanne S.

Here at our farm we cannot be without Small Batch Garden bug repellent. It has saved me from chigger bites and is the best product we have found to keep the gnats away from us. We cannot use strong chemicals due to skin issues and asthma so this is the only product we have used that really works. Thank you so much.

Amy O

 I used it on my trip to Guatemala to fend off virus carrying mosquitoes. It worked great and I never put a drop of DEET on my skin!

Laura N

Feels wonderful on my lids...Definitely makes my eyes feel so much better. I know with continued use, my eyes will keep improving and improving. I highly recommend Eyebright Elixir to everyone who has eye problems...your eyes will thank you for it

Ivy K.