Soothing & Organic Herbal Salve For Abrasions to Zits and Everything In Between!


Comfrey Cream

Our very best product!

Toss the Neosporin; this pleasant-smelling, organic cream will handle any skin problems, from bruises and scrapes, to burns and insect bites, to pesky eczema and psoriasis, itchy patches, rashes, mystery dry spots and everything in between, and handle them so quickly and effectively, that it might give you a mild case of invincibility!

A simple, yet very powerful, formula containing extra-virgin organic olive oil which is solar infused with organic Comfrey Leaf, organic Calendula Flower, organic Chamomile Flower and organic Lavender Flower then blended with locally harvested and hand grated North Georgia beeswax.

Comfrey Leaf – One of Comfrey’s common names is “knit-bone” and Comfrey was once used as a poultice for treating broken bones after set. Comfrey’s wonder lies in its ability to quickly mend a laundry list of ailments from broken bones to bumps and bruises. We use it in our Comfrey Cream because of its powerful deep healing properties, but we also use it in our garden as a rich source of mineral fertilizer. Tripp plants every new fruit tree with a Comfrey companion. Its deep tap root draws minerals from the subsoil far below and, when harvested to be used as mulch, the leaves add a nice bit of natural potassium, which increases flower and fruit.

Calendula Flower – Calendula is, in our humble opinion, the skin healing herb of choice. This cheerful flower is a vulnerary herb, which means that is promotes cellular repair, but it also has antiseptic properties helping to stave infection. Most commonly used on bruises and burns, it’s also good for skin eruptions, rashes and ulcers.

Chamomile Flower – Chamomile is most widely known as a calming tea herb and for good reason. It’s a very gentle herb which still packs a powerful healing punch! It soothes nervous stress, wards off infections, has anti-inflammatory properties, and quiets upset stomach. No wonder it’s often the first herb given to children. We often rub a little Comfrey Cream under our children’s noses first for its aromatherapy (and calming) contribution to the healing process.

Lavender Flower – What can be briefly said about this amazing herb? It’s Jessica’s absolute favorite herb. She will often add it to her personal preparations “just because it’s lavender”! Its comforting properties are a must for tired, overworked nerves and its legendary fragrance can uplift even the dourest mood. In our Comfrey Cream lavender flower soothes insect bites and stings, cools burns and adds anti-microbial properties to help prevent infection.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Comfrey Cream is solar infused the above herbs in Organic EVOO for a minimum of two weeks. The sun heats the oil and extracts the properties of the herbs slowly and completely. In addition to its fresh, green fragrance, EVOO is a traditional emollient and one of nature’s finest moisturizers.

Beeswax – We use beeswax from local, North Georgia bee keepers. Beeswax gives the Comfrey Cream its texture but it does so much more! It has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. It is also a preservative and helps keep Comfrey Cream fresh use after use.

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