Shake It Up!

We've had folks reporting to us that our DEET Free Herbal Insect Repellent isn't working all that well for them. "What?!?" We ask. "Why not?!?" We ask. The folks will then explain that although it feels great and sprays nicely, it just isn't all that good at keeping the bugs at bay. Hmm...

"Are you shaking the bottle each time before you spray?" We ask.

"Well. Um. No." They sheepishly reply. "Is that important?" 

Never fear! Shake that blue bottle!  We don't add any fixatives to our unique formula; we don't like the way they feel on our skin. Why mess with a great thing, right?  Our DEET Free Herbal Insect Repellent  really  does work, BUT you must shake it up first.  Make sure that all those high quality essential oils get mixed into solution all the way down to the bottom each and every time.  That's where the sprayer picks them up and delivers the goodness to your awaiting skin.  

So next time your getting ready to tackle the great outdoors (or your back deck) remember: do a little dance, shake, shake, shake and feel confident that you'll remain bite-free! (Dancing is optional, but it sure is fun!) 

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